Find a Rental

The rental market in Chicago is stronger than it has ever been. Finding a quality place to call home can be difficult and frustrating as you navigate the numerous “fake” rentals on Craigslist, Zillow, and Trulia contact agents who do not call you back or work with “leasing agents” who only show you their own listings in an attempt to earn a double commission.

One of the best ways to avoid the frustration and save time is to work with a Realtor and not a leasing agent. The Real Estate Team of Paul Blackburn with @ Properties has a different approach to working with tenants. It is not our goal to show as many clients as possible with the hopes of a few renting. Instead, our approach is to give excellent dedicated service to our clients and STICK WITH THEM until they find a place that suits their needs.

How we work with our clients

HONESTY: We tell you if it is possible to find what you are looking for! So many leasing agents are afraid to “lose” a client that they do not explain the current market situation to their clients. If we believe what you want will be difficult to find we tell you and help you discover other alternative that will work best for YOU.

AUTOMATIC UPDATES: The rental market is moving FAST! Most places are renting in a matter of days and receiving multiple applications. We combat this by having our system automatically update you with new rentals as they come on the market on a DAILY (and sometimes even TWICE A DAY) basis. This means that as soon as something hits the market you are notified!

MAKING SURE YOU ARE READY: We discuss with our clients what will be needed to apply for places as every landlord and management company has different requirements. We make sure you are ready so as soon as you see a place you like you can jump on it.

SHOWINGS AT ALL DIFFERENT TIMES: We can show you places at all different times of the day. Sometimes we may only see one place after work and other times we can see many at the same time. Either way, we work around your schedule so we can get you into places as soon as they come on the market.

WE SHOW EVERYTHING: Unlike many rental agencies that prefer to show their own properties, we utilize the MLS which means we show rentals listed by all other Realtors and brokerage firms. Not only does this get you the best quality and selection it means that we are not trying to “push” you to one property. No one wants to be “pushed” into a place that they are going to call home!

NO COST! There is no cost to work with our team. We are paid by the listing agents and/or the landlords. There is no finders fee that you have to pay so you can only benefit!

IT IS PART OF OUR BUSINESS PLAN! Our goal is not to only find you one place to live. It is our goal to be your Realtors for life! This means when you need to find another rental we want to be who you call. When it comes time to buy we want you to think of no one else! Most importantly when it comes time to recommend someone to family and friends we want to receive that honor.



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