3750 N. Halsted – JDL Development One Step CLOSER to Approval

It amazes me that amid a sluggish economy a developer who wants to build a quality product and provide hundreds of jobs to a community has this much trouble getting approval. Well, thankfully JDL is one step closer to obtaining final approval for their planned residential rental and retail development at 3750 N. Halsted in Chicago’s Lakeview (Boystown more specifically) neighborhood.

Below is the newest front elevation for the proposed plan which has been changed numerous time after considering nearby resident and business input.

JDL Development Planned for 3750 N. Halsted

This elevation is probably the best representation of the development as it shows its true size and the fact that it does not dwarf the neighboring buildings nor compromise the view of 828 W. Grace. According to the meeting minutes from the recent 46th Ward Zoning and Development committee, the committee approved a planned development over the current zoning. Furthermore, the committee approved a group of 5 members to work with the developer over the next 3 weeks to come to a finalized plan which will then be presented to the entire committee. Hopefully after this JDL can start to apply for permits and start moving forward.

Rumor has it that JDL made the comment that if they cannot build a planned development such as this they would then build a big box retail store. Such a store WOULD conform to current zoning and would mean they would NOT need approval from the 46th Ward Zoning Committee. Again it amazes me the resistance that a few in the community have to this planned project.


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