Drink Bourbon but Offer Your Clients Scotch

It is the Holiday Season yet once again. No matter what religion you are or what you believe in this is a time for remembering all those who are around you on a daily basis. We send out greeting cards, buy gifts for those we love, buy gifts for those who support our business and so on. More importantly, this is the time to show everyone that you care, especially your clients.

I am reminded of one of my favorite lines from a more recent holiday movie, The Family Man. Nicholas Cage says to his boss in his former life “You drink Bourbon but you offer your clients Scotch.” Not only this Holiday Season, but all year round I encourage everyone, in ever line of business to always treat their clients just slightly better than they would treat themselves. When a buying a bottle of wine don’t buy something you’d drink on an average night…buy something one step up. When sending a gift basket don’t get the one on sale, splurge a bit for the one that has something extra special. Because at the end of the day it is our clients that are the reason we are in business. Without our clients our business would cease to exist.


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