Well the dispute continues at 175 E. Delaware, the John Hancock regarding capping rentals in the building. It apparently has gotten so bad that many of the board members are not even spoken to in the building. Yes, that is right – it is civil war time in the Hancock. So with all this talk about rentals in the Hancock what do units actually rent for? Well, lets take a look shall we?


Right now there are 14 units listed on the MLS for rent. The cheapest is a studio listed at $1500/mo and the most expensive is a furnished 3 bedroom at $3,990. In the middle there are 1 Bedrooms starting from $1850 and 2 Bedrooms from $2,600.

The Hancock does have great amenities from a large gym to a great pool (amazing views from both). The issue with the gym is that it is a bit dated, but it is cared for very well. My favorite convenience in the building is Potash Grocery Store. Not only is this great on cold days, but you can get everything from Breakfast to a great bottle of wine.


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